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DREC owns a large portfolio of lands available for leasing on a case by case basis.

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How can unit sizes be updated on Ejari?

To update a unit size, email your request to "customercare@wasl.ae". Please attach the Ejari certificate, sublease contracts, approved DM drawings (if applicable), and provide the size in square feet and square meters.

What are the required documents for renewing or registering new subleases?

Original lease agreement (contract) for new registrations or a contract copy for the renewals of the below details:

  • Main Tenant's Name
  • Sub-Tenant's Name
  • Plot Number 
  • Unit Type & Number
  • Stamped Signatures from Main Tenant and Sub-Tenant
  • Unit Size (in square feet and square meters)
  • Trade License:

Note: For plots managed by real estate companies, please provide the management agreements (contracts) containing the real estate trade license and partners' page.

What are the required documents for the termination of a sublease?

The list of documents include:

  • Original letter from the main tenant (including NOC for termination) 
  • Letter from sub-tenant (requesting termination to main tenant)  
  • Settlement of final DEWA bill or presentation of DEWA statement


Can sub-tenants pay in installments?

Sublease payment cannot be made through installment plans. Sub-tenants must pay the full amount using credit cards or manager cheques.

When are sublease fees exempted?

The main-lease must have a minimum 50% partnership share with sublease trade licenses and provide proof of a valid trade license with a partners' page.

How can sublease fees be paid online?

Go to www.dreclands.ae and navigate to Sub-tenant Services. Choose Sublease Payment and click on "Click Here". Enter the Sublease contract No. or Ejari No., DM plot No., and Registered mobile number. Click Submit to proceed with the payment. Select card payment option.

How can DEWA numbers be added to Ejari?

To update DEWA numbers, email your request along with the Ejari certificate, DEWA bill, and plot number and unit details to customercare@wasl.ae.

How can trade license numbers be updated on Ejari?

Please send your request to update initial trade license numbers to customercare@wasl.ae. Remember to attach the Ejari certificate and the new trade license copy with the partners’ page to the email.

When will online sub-tenants receive their Ejari numbers?

Sub-tenant will receive their Ejari number to their registered email address within 48 hours.


What business activities are permitted on DREC land?

DREC lands approval allows for various legitimate business activities in the industrial, trading, and service sectors.

Are there any lease duration restrictions?

Lease durations are assessed on a case-by-case basis by DREC and the Industrial and Investment Lands Allocation Committee.

Does DREC grant a grace period?

Yes. However, grace periods depend on projects and land usages.

Is land lease transfer permitted?

Yes, but it requires approval from DREC.

What is the typical response time from DREC after submitting a Land Inquiry Form (LIF)?

2-3 working days.

How long is the validity of a land rent offer?

7 working days.

What sets DREC apart from other Dubai landlords?

DREC, being a Dubai Government entity, leases government lands with highly competitive lease terms.

Is staff accommodation permitted on factory or warehouse premises?

No, according to Dubai Municipality regulations, staff accommodation is not allowed on factory or warehouse premises.

Can a lessee sublease land or units on leased land?

Yes, but DREC's approval is required and a 20% sublease fee on the contract value must be paid to DREC.

Main lease

How to register new users for main lease?

Go to www.dreclands.ae and register by entering your tenant  and contract number to create a username and password. Alternatively, you can also create a new user ID at www.wasl.ae.

How to renew main lease contracts?

Go to www.dreclands.ae and login with your user ID and password. Choose the contract you want to renew and click on it. Upload the necessary documents (passport-Emirates ID-trade license, DEWA premise number, or affection plan if needed). Decide on the number of installments and payment method (card or cheque). Read the terms and click Confirm to finalize.

How to reset user ID and password?

To reset your user ID or password, go to www.dreclands.ae and click on Login. Then, select "Forgot your User ID?" or "Forgot your Password?" Enter your tenant number and registered email address. For user ID recovery, your ID will be emailed to you. For password reset, an OTP will be sent to your email, allowing you to set a new password.

How many installments can a main-lease pay?

Main lease rent can be paid in one-four installments.

When will the main lease contract be received after payment?

Once the customer clears all due payments and renews sublease contracts, the lease agreement will be sent via courier within three business days. To check the outstanding amount, simply login to (www.dreclands.ae) and generate a statement of account or view the outstanding amounts.

How can a VAT invoice be received?

Please email vat@wasl.ae with your payment receipt and TRN certificate to receive your VAT invoices within three working days.

How to renew sublease contracts?

To renew your sublease contract, go to www.dreclands.ae and navigate to Sub-tenant Services. Choose Sublease Renewal and click "Click Here." Fill in the necessary details, including the contract number, DM Plot number, and registered mobile number. Click Submit. You can then update the contract amount and expiry date. Attach the required documents, such as the lease agreement, contract, annexure, and trade license with the partners page. Confirm that you have read the terms and click Confirm. You will receive a confirmation SMS for the sublease contract renewal and the approval/rejection SMS within 48 hours.

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